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Review: Real Soccer 2011 - He Shoots, He Scores?

Review: Real Soccer 2011 - He Shoots, He Scores?

September 27, 2010


Gameloft's Real Soccer franchise is kicking back into the App Store with Real Soccer 2011. The game tries to put you in the game with more realistic player motions and retina quality graphics. You can play as a whole team in cup or league mode, then move on to playing a single players career, and even trying the coaching side.


There are six main game modes including league and cup play. You can also play historic matches to see if you can change history during specific challenges. The game also includes multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth, and you can even upload great replays to YouTube.

The Good

The game offers a lot of complex soccer moves with simple iPhone controls. You can do all kinds of passes including lobs and crosses as well as dribbling with just two action buttons, and the ability to tap anywhere on screen. The game offers up full featured soccer in a simplified package for more to enjoy. The game looks great with the various player animations, though the sliding one doesn't seem very accurate. This is a great looking soccer game that flows well, and the player design is well done especially on close ups and replays. The game feels like a very good soccer simulation that is accurate in most regards especially in the style of gameplay.

The Bad

The game is somewhat slow moving, and it's not the easiest to score on. When you're around the goal it's tough to make precise passes or accurately aimed and powered shots. The entire game seems to be moving at a slower pace than other soccer games so there isn't as much action. The virtual stick doesn't offer the most pinpoint precision so it's a little difficult to maneuver which means passing will be your biggest ally. It just doesn't seem to be as free flowing as other soccer games namely X2 Soccer 2010 which is still the best of the ever growing bunch.

The Verdict

Real Soccer 2010, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, and Fifa 10 all play very similarly, and now Gameloft is first with their 2011 game. Real Soccer 2011 improves on 2010 without a doubt, and is now better than the previous versions of Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa, but their 2011 versions are coming soon. X2 Soccer 2010 is better than Real Soccer 2011 though, as Gameloft's version seems to lack the heart and soul and consequent fun of X2. For $6.99 Real Soccer 2011 just isn't worth it with a better option available.

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