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Review: RomanticPhoto - Can You Make Your Photos Into Works Of Art?

Review: RomanticPhoto - Can You Make Your Photos Into Works Of Art?

September 13, 2010


RomanticPhoto by JixiPix Software enables a user to modify any new or existing photo; using lighting and design tools. RomanticPhoto allows the user to make their photos look like they were taken with the most professional techniques and filters. RomanticPhoto provides 30+ combinations of filters and effects to make photos look awesome, and even allows the freedom to modify the filter levels for photos that are truly creative. Features: Once loaded RomanticPhoto presents you with the option of taking a new photo or choosing an existing one from your Camera Roll. Once a photo is selected, press the circle with the paintbrush and the number one and you are presented with the preset filters. Each preset, from Soft Touch to Dreamy Photo, has three levels of intensity to allow you to quickly choose the filter level you desire. Pressing button two allows you to manually change scene strength and softness so you can fine tune those characteristics for your images. Button three allows you to do the same with Overlay, by changing the levels for fade and fade darkness. Once you have the changes you like, simply press the save button to save your photograph with the new filtering applied. The save button also allows you to access settings for image size, to save a custom filter level, or email the image directly. At the top, a “refresh” button, when pressed, allows you to see what the photo looked like before your changes.

The Breakdown:

The Good: RomanticPhoto is a great app for amateur photographers who want their photos to look more like professional works of art. JixiPix has really done a lot of work developing RomanticPhoto and especially with the filtering algorithms. The almost limitless possibilities and unique effects you can achieve with RomanticPhoto, really allow you to show your creative side. The Bad: Although RomanticPhoto is a really fantastic app for anyone who really loves making the most of their iPhone's camera, I did have one beef with it. For all the wonderful preset filters and the ability to fine tune the filters, the one thing missing is the ability to not just briefly see your original, but to remove the filtering you applied. Currently there is no way to go back once you make the first change, other than reloading the original photo. Hopefully JixiPix will fix this in a future update to RomanticPhoto.

The Verdict:

With everything you can do to your photos, any amateur, or even professional photographer will love RomanticPhoto. For $1.99 I highly recommend RomanticPhoto for everyone who wants to be a little more creative with their photography. RomanticPhoto is also available on the iPad as RomanticPhoto HD.

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