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Video: First Look At iOS 4.2 On The iPad

Video: First Look At iOS 4.2 On The iPad

September 15, 2010
As we told you a few minutes ago, today Apple released the first beta of iOS 4.2 to iOS developers. And, as you probably know, it's finally bringing iOS 4 to the iPad. You may have already seen it, as Steve demoed it at the last keynote. Nevertheless, we thought you would be interested in a little video walk-through, so here it is. Enjoy:

Other additions to the iOS 4.2 beta 1:

  • The external switch is acting as a mute switch again.
  • Only 6 apps in the multitasking bar when you hold your iPad in portrait mode.
  • You can now create folders (containing up to 20 apps).
  • You can activate AirPlay from the photo app; to stream photos to the new Apple TV.

Any questions? Ask us in the comments.

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