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Is Apple Now the Largest U.S. PC Maker?

Is Apple Now the Largest U.S. PC Maker?

October 14, 2010
For a company that was once headed for bankruptcy, Apple’s standing in the world is indeed impressive. With its stock price at record, levels and the company now the world’s second most valuable after Exxon Mobil Corp., things are looking good for the company based in Cupertino, California. Now, it appears that Apple is the largest U.S. PC maker too. How can this be? Yesterday, it was widely reported that Apple’s Mac product line is No. 3, behind HP and Dell, having passed Acer in the last quarter. Apple now has 10.6 percent of the overall PC market. According to ComputerWorld, however, if you factor in Apple’s iPad tablet, the company rises to the top spot:
Including iPad sales, Apple is now the biggest US PC maker. Really? Yes indeed, if you read between the lines of the latest Gartner and IDC PC marketshare data.
Currently, the iPad is not included in sales numbers for PCs. Perhaps they should be. After all, as we already reported, the iPad is starting to eat into PC sales. Regardless, Apple's star continues to rise. Some would say from the ashes.

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