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Apple Store Representatives Could Soon Know You're There Thanks To An App

Apple Store Representatives Could Soon Know You're There Thanks To An App

October 25, 2010
If you want to be treated to truly great and personal customer service when at an Apple Store, there could soon be an app for that. However, with this great service could come the loss of some privacy. According to Macstories, Apple is working on an app that will let them know if you’re in one of their stores. This information could then be used by Apple associates who could greet your personally. And, if you’re at the store for a pre-scheduled appointment, they will know that you’ve arrived. Naturally an app like this could cause privacy concerns. After all, Apple would now know your current location. But, in order for this to work, you as a user would need to download the app giving Apple your approval. The report states:
Our source didn’t report on whether the application would integrate with the shopper’s experience for the collection of receipts, to track previous issues (such as with Apple Care [sic]), or if it could be used to track students for educational discounts. What we do know is that Apple plans to use this new location based app to track your proximity to an Apple Store, verify your registration, check-you-in, and assist the Apple Store employees in providing you with a personal shopping experience.
If an Apple app such of this proves successful, other businesses might also use the technology. For example, when you visit your local Starbucks, a barista could use this knowledge to begin making your favorite Latte. What do you think? Is this something you’d like to use? Leave your comments below.

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