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New Apple TV Can Stream 1080p, But Displays 720p

New Apple TV Can Stream 1080p, But Displays 720p

by Harry
October 2, 2010
For those of you super-cool cats who managed to snag a new Apple TV, and have 1080p content in iTunes that you weren't sure would play on it considering the device only supports 720p playback, you may be in luck. Engadget has just tested this on their new Apple TV, and they were able to confirm that the device does indeed support streaming 1080p, however unfortunately the displayed resolution is only 720p.

This may be a disappointment for some early Apple TVians considering the old Apple TV could handle 1080p just fine, but fear not: In lieu of the new Apple TV Jailbreak with SHAtter, I'm sure some clever developer will take on the challenge. What do fellow AppAdvice readers think? Will you jailbreak your Apple TV to play your 1080p content? Are there any special themes or tweaks you'd like to see on your jailbroken Apple TV? Discuss away!

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