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Card Giving Goes Digital With Paperlinks App

Card Giving Goes Digital With Paperlinks App

October 14, 2010
Anyone that thought card giving was old school is mistaken. Especially if you’ve created cards by Paperspring. Now, the online card maker has combined card creating and technology with the introduction of a new app for your iPhone/iPad touch. The Paperlinks app is tied directly to the Paperspring website. When you purchase a birth announcement, party invitation or holiday card through Paperspring, select “Enable Paperlinks” upon checkout. Your cards will be graced with a barcode, which can then be scanned by your recipients using the Paperlinks app.

The thought here is that the card creator will create an online site where recipients can find additional photos you couldn’t fit on the card, as well as videos and more. You can even add an electronic RSVP to an event that will be triggered automatically when someone uses the barcode reader within the app. The website is then made available to your recipients within the app or via a web browser. As a concept, this sounds amazing. After all, most cards are read and then thrown away or collect dust on the refrigerator. By adding a layer of digital interactivity to card giving, the entire process becomes something fresh. However, for the concept to work, a great deal of work is required, both from the card creator and the recipient. For one thing, the card creator needs to develop and maintain a Paperlinks site. And, once that is created, the recipient needs to know what to do with the card. Plus, they need to have an iPhone and the Paperlinks app. Still, I would love to see this concept catch on. Not only is it "thinking outside the box" but it looks very cool too. You can get the free Paperlinks app today in the App Store.

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