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How To Create Your Own Speed Dial Icons For Free

How To Create Your Own Speed Dial Icons For Free

October 19, 2010
Don't you sometimes wish that you could just push an icon to call a contact?  Well, you can create such quick-dial icons, without even having to pay for an app.  That's right, it's free, folks. Making your own speed dialing icons for your springboard can be done very easily, without having to jailbreak or download an app to your iPhone.  With just a few simple steps, you can create as many contacts as you wish.  As long as your iPhone has all of the necessary firmware intact, and you have the requisite connections, such as 3G or wifi, you should be able to continue without any problems.

Step One

Type the following address into your Safari browser: Please note: 1234567890 signifies the 10 or more digit number that you really want to program.

Step Two

You should have the option to "call" the number that you programmed, just hit cancel:

Step Three

Hit the "+" sign at the bottom, followed by "Add to Home Screen", then name it and finally save the quickdial icon to your springboard by hitting "Add".

Voilà! You just added a speed dialing icon to your home screen.  And you didn't even have to download an app for it. From now on, hitting that icon will offer you to call the number right away. ***Update: We're getting a lot of reports from worried people that their privacy might be at risk using this tool. Here is what its creators had to say about it:
"Privacy warning: Due to the nature of this hack, your phone will request this page when you create a speed dial icon on your home screen. I assure you I will not use this data AT ALL FOR ANY REASON. It is entirely possible to put a similar script on your own web server, which will do the same thing without sending me any information; that course of action is recommended if you are at all concerned about your privacy. As of January 25, 2008, the page returns you to a data: URI, which does not contact my server every time you hit the icon - just the first time when you create it. The dialing page is instead stored locally on your phone. Lee Fernandes has instructions on putting this onto your own server."
Now should you trust them? We do and that's why we posted it, but of course, it's really up to you.

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