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DIY: iPhone Plus iPad

DIY: iPhone Plus iPad

October 11, 2010
If you're like me, you use both your iPhone and iPad throughout the day. Unfortunately, using both at the same time can become cumbersome even for the best of technogeeks. That's where the iPad iPhone Connection Clip comes in handy. Created by Geeky Gadgets, the clip is easily configured using simple materials that may be sitting around your house. Here's how Geeky Gadgets did it:
All you need is a 24cm length of plastic ‘U’ shaped extrusion that you can pickup from any hardware store. It comes in many forms so you might be able to get a piece that is already in a [sic] ‘H’ shape. Which would be perfect. Before you buy the plastic extrusion make sure your iPhone and case (if you use one) fits snugly into the grove.
Unfortunately the only strips my hardware store stocked were ‘U’ shaped so I needed to glue two pieces together, using superglue.
The end result looks amazing and is very functional. What do you think? Is the iPad iPhone Connection Clip something you'd consider making? Let us know by using the comments below.

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