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PowerMat Now Compatible With iPhone 4

PowerMat Now Compatible With iPhone 4

October 28, 2010
Portability is one of the most desirable characteristics in a product nowadays. People want to be able to carry their devices everywhere, while having the ability to access the things they need. Most of the electronic devices on the market already have the  mobility part worked out. However, the part about keeping the device charged is the more difficult half of the equation. That is, until the advent of the PowerMat. PowerMat gives users the ability to charge their devices wirelessly. First, you plug the PowerMat into the wall. Then you place your iPhone 4 in the wireless receiver case. Now, when you place the iPhone 4 onto the PowerMat, you can simply walk away while it charges. The wireless case communicates via RFID to the PowerMat. In turn, the PowerMat sends the iPhone the exact amount of power that is necessary to charge it. Waste is prevented because a specific amount of power is sent, nothing more. You can see how much power has been acquired from the PowerMat, by checking the light indicator. The PowerMat also generates a sound when it achieves a successful connection with a device. So you can see and hear confirmation that your device is charging. The device automatically shuts down once the desired charge is achieved. If you use the device while it is in the middle of charging on the PowerMat, the device will charge again once you place it back on the PowerMat. The PowerMat charging mat comes in a variety of sizes. You can charge one device at a time, or you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The smallest mat can only charge one item. Larger mats are able to charge multiple items, depending on the size you choose. So if you ever wished for something that could charge your iPhone, plus other devices, your wish has been granted.

Do you use PowerMat to charge any of your devices? Is getting the PowerMat and the iPhone 4 PowerMat case worth it? Leave a comment.

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