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QuickAdvice: Create A Bubbly Masterpiece With Percolator

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Percolator ($1.99) by Tinrocket, LLC is a truly fun app where you can unleash your creativity. Turn any photograph into a work of art -- no actual artistic skill needed. You choose a photo and tweak the settings; Percolator does the artwork.

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Percolator creates something like a mosaic from your photos. In a typical mosaic, the pieces making up the picture are square. But Percolator takes its inspiration from the bubbles you might find floating on top of your coffee, so each mosaic piece is circular instead.

Simply tap the “+” to choose a photo from your library or snap one in-app. Right away, Percolator will grind the beans, boil the water, and percolate your photo into a circular modern art masterpiece!

If you want a different look, tap the cup of coffee icon to change the settings. Choose the size of your bubbles in Grind: Course, Medium, Fine, or Extra Fine. Select the type of bubbles you like in Brew: Original Image, Circles, Overprint, Rings, Ishihara, or Full of Stars. Choose your color palette in Serve: Black (black background behind the bubbles), Light and Sweet (white background), Soy (off-white background), or Stirred (random). If you’re not sure what settings you’d like, simply shake your device and be surprised. Experiment with different combinations to see what tickles your fancy. Once you have the look you want, tap the heart icon to save the photo to your camera roll.

To see some fabulous examples of Percolator in action, head over to the Percolator group on Flickr.

For less than the price of, well, a cup of coffee, you can have an app that helps you create colorful, fun, bubbly works of art!

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QuickAdvice: Create A Bubbly Masterpiece With Percolator

QuickAdvice: Create A Bubbly Masterpiece With Percolator