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QuickAdvice: Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos With TouchRetouch

QuickAdvice: Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos With TouchRetouch

October 26, 2010
TouchRetouch by Adva-Soft icon

TouchRetouch ($0.99) by Adva-Soft allows you to remove anyone and anything from your photos with ease! Want to remove an ex from a family photo? Get rid of unsightly objects in your beautiful photos? Now you can do it in seconds without expensive desktop photo editing software.

TouchRetouch by Adva-Soft screenshot

Simply choose a photo and double-tap or pinch to zoom in on the object or person you want to remove. Use a lasso tool or an adjustable brush, whichever you are more comfortable using, and draw around the selected area. Now that area will be highlighted in red. Tap “Go” and it disappears. Just like that!

As you can see in the lead photo before-and-after football shot, I got rid of the bright orange yard marker. The app did a great job of making it disappear without any real distortion. However, it’s not perfect: as you can see in the photos at the bottom, when I removed the girl from the brick background, I was left with some definite distortion.

Still, I think this is a worthwhile app to add to your photo editing toolbox. The app seems to work better if there is a solid or random/mottled background behind whatever you are trying to remove. A background with a defined pattern, like the brick, tends to get some distortion. It’s perfect for removing pimples, shadows, wires, lens dust, and more. Even people and other large objects can be effectively removed just as easily.

It’s not hard to figure out how to use TouchRetouch, but just to make sure you get the most out of the app, there are in-app video tutorials. I have included one of the tutorial videos below; do check it out to see how easy and effective this app really is.

An update coming soon will add a clone stamp, social network sharing, and a cool pop-up mini-window to show you what’s under your finger as you work.

Photography buffs, you definitely need TouchRetouch! If you want to try it for yourself before spending any money, there is a free version with all the same functionality, but you get a watermark on your photo. TouchRetouch is not a universal app, but there is a separate iPad version.

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