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Driverless iPad Controlled Taxi - Are You Up For The Ride?

Driverless iPad Controlled Taxi - Are You Up For The Ride?

October 18, 2010
The hype surrounding driverless cars has gotten quite a boost this month after Google announced they've been testing out prototypes on California roads. Yet, Google is far from being the only one working on the amazing applications of such technology. Following the Google hype, a German research group called autonomos-labs (spotted by Macstories) presented a concept of their own. Controlled by an iPad app, their autonomous cab can find you, pick you up, and take you wherever you want. All this, without the need for a driver. As you can imagine, this could have a huge impact or revolutionize the taxi driving profession. Not to mention that it solves almost everything that is wrong with hiring a cab. First of all, the iPad app can find your exact position immediately using the GPS. Then, you can track the cab's arrival in real-time. And, best of all you can take your ride without having to suffer listening to strange radio stations or intrusive chitchat. Folks, this is the future! Check it out:

Who's up for a ride?

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