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Review: Chu Chu Rocket - Have A Rocket In Your Pocket!

Review: Chu Chu Rocket - Have A Rocket In Your Pocket!

October 31, 2010


ChuChu Rocket, a port of a GBA game which was a port of a Dreamcast game is a puzzle game where you must use arrows to guide the chus (mice) to their escape rocket while avowing obstacles.

The Good

Chu Chu rocket is a rather unusual puzzle game. You guide the mice to their rockets by use of arrows. The chus run in a straight line unless they hit a wall in which case they always turn clockwise and continue on. Your job is to use the walls and your arrow tiles to guide the Chus to their rocket ships. The actual gameplay couldn't be simpler, as you simply use logic and judgment to work out where you shoudl place your arrows to cause the chus to reach the rocket. You can tell the Chus to run even before you've placed any arrows so you can see exactly where they get caught up. Later levels also feature cats known as KapuKapu. If these touch any of your mice you instantly lose the level and so much of the focus of the later levels is plotting a route that keeps the chus away from the cats. You can also use your arrows to force the cats to run a certain way, hopefully away from your Chus. The game also includes a challenge mode where you must complete tasks in a time limit. This is largely the same as the normal puzzle mode however. Chu Chu Rocket's gameplay is decent but not great. It has an original idea sure, but the game is  extremely repetitive, you have very limited interaction with it and the basic idea never changes. It is perfect for the iPhone however, as its very simple to control and can easily be played one handed or for a few minutes when you have some free time. It features 140 puzzles and online multiplayer is included, so it has some serious replay if you enjoy it. I could not find a server however.

The Bad

Chu Chu Rocket looks pretty poor. It looks like a direct port of  the GBA version, so you'll be treated to very simple models and bland pastel colors. Nothing in the game looks great and there's nothing interesting to look at. The game sounds worse than it looks, featuring one music track that drones on during gameplay and a collection of bland sound effects. Sega has not dressed up the game one iota for its iPhone release. What about options to play your own music or even just adding 1 or 2 more songs to the amazingly bland presentation? The game also lacks retina display support, which is unacceptable in this day and age.

The Verdict

Chu Chu Rocket is a solid port of its GBA cousin with no major problems but no frills either. If you love Chu Chu Rocket you'll love this. If you've never played it Chu Chu is worth a try if you're looking for a new take on the puzzle genre but don't expect too much.

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