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Review: Fifa 11 - It's In The Game?


EA brings their soccer franchise Fifa back to the iPhone with Fifa 11. The official game of Fifa is back with the real players and leagues, and redesigned controls, player movement, and retina graphics. Does EA’s effort approve upon last year, and how does it compare to the other soccer games in the App Store?


You get to play in authentic tournament and cup modes as well as a quick match mode choosing from over 500 teams. The new controls scheme is more casual friendly, and allows more touch screen specific moves like tapping and swiping on players to direct them around the field.

The Good

Fifa 11 is a huge step up from 2010 in the soccer gameplay category. It feels like a brand new engine that is so much smoother. All the player animations are way more authentic with a more free flowing feel. This is one of the best games in making it feel like an actual soccer experience with the flow of the game. Even the ball bouncing seems authentic, and the best aspect is that nothing ever feels strict. When you shoot upon the goal the ball can bounce off the goalie, spin in the air, and be left alone on the field for a quick shot on goal. You can pass the ball easily whether by directly tapping on a player, or you can pass up ahead for a player to run under it whether it's a cross, a lob, or a through. The game allows you to lob the ball for headers into the goal, and every single player on the field can flow in so many different directions which is unseen thus far on the iPhone. This is one of the first games to really take many elements from the console version. Aiming your shots on goal can actually be done which is rare for iPhone soccer games. You get to play with the authentic teams and players whether it's Messi on FC Barcelona, Rooney on Manchester United, or Kaka on Real Madrid. You to get to play in the authentic leagues and cups

The Bad

As soon as you start the game at the opening menu you see multiplayer coming soon which is automatically disappointing. The game has retina graphics, but it doesn't look very different than running on a 3GS. The virtual joystick doesn't allow for the most precise movement in and out of break, and weaving between defenders. The game isn't the most feature rich, with a couple modes from last year missing. Using the sprint isn't the easiest especially when trying to defend, and sometimes the opponent can get wide open shots on goal.

The Verdict

Fifa 11 is a great soccer game with such fluid motion bringing some great aspects from the console version. The game is lacking features, but the gameplay itself is second to none. The game is so free flowing, and allows for true soccer enjoyment whether it's the movement of the players, ball, or everything moving together. Fifa 11 is worth it for $4.99 that offers one of the best soccer experiences on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Review: Fifa 11 - It's In The Game?

Review: Fifa 11 - It's In The Game?