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Review: Screen Guardz HD - Screen Protector For iPad

Review: Screen Guardz HD - Screen Protector For iPad

October 12, 2010


If you have an iPad you know that there is a glare on the screen under most lighting conditions especially when you’re out in the sun. Well NLU products is trying to rectify the problem with their ScreenGuardz HD which is an anti-glare screen protector for the iPad, details here. The screen is intended to reduce flare and fingerprints as well as protect your iPad from scratches.


The screen protector retails for $19.99, and comes with one screen, and a cleaning cloth. To apply you simply align to screen protector, lay it on the iPad, and rub out the bubbles.

The Good

With any screen protector I'm always most apprehensive about applying it to my device. There is always the chance for bubbles, or not aligned right with no chance to reapply, or even the soapy water application with the risk that the solution would get into one of the orifices of the device. These are all worries of just an iPhone screen, and now you would think those problems would increase with the larger size of the iPad screen.

NLU has done a great job to make the application process a breeze. In actual installation I just lined up the screen with the home button, and then slowly laid the rest of the screen down from bottom up. The screen protector truly clung to the iPad with only a few bubbles on the bottom that were easy to rub off to the sides.

From first glance with the iPad off it looks like there isn't even a screen protector on it. You probably will get the Screen Guardz for the anti-glare ability though, not the ease of installation, so the question is does it work? Well I use my iPad outside most of the time, and most of the screen is washed out from sunlight, and even when inside overhead lights are a problem. The Screen Guardz HD reduces the natural glare of the glossy iPad screen. You can read a book or watch a video directly in the sun without having to squint or shield your eyes for the screen. With the screen protector even the mirror like reflection of the iPad screen is reduced. That's not to say all glare is gone, but there is a definite reduction to allow you to use your iPad anywhere that you can't do without the screen protector. The screen protector makes you feel safe that the big screen won't be scratched. Also it doesn't dilute the clarity of the iPad screen like other screen protectors so there isn't that washed out feeling. Since April I've used my iPad without a screen protector, and it's silky smooth dragging your finger on the screen. Luckily it feels the same with the Screen Guardz HD, it feels as close as possible to just as smooth. I've had my fare share on the iPhone, and some are sticky, and some are relatively smooth, but this is the smoothest one I've used.

The Bad

The iPad is a fingerprint magnet, and the Screen Guardz is advertised as reducing fingerprints. That's simply not the case as it seems to have just as much finger print residue with and without the screen. Once you get a lot of finger prints though you see them less and less so it's not that big of a deal.

Though the Screen Guardz does reduce the glare it is still there. The reflection is also still there, but it's blurred, and not nearly as sharp. There is a bit of fogginess to the screen so everything isn't as sharp as the iPad is without a screen protector. There are still some angles you can hold the device, and the entire screen is washed out, though not in normal viewing angles.

The Verdict

Screen Guardz HD does a good job in reducing the natural glare of the glossy iPad screen. It allows you to read books and watch videos as well as use any app in the sun and under overhead lights without a distracting glare. Fingerprints still exist, and not all the glare and reflection are gone, but there is a big difference between an iPad with and without the screen protector. It's effortless to apply, and definitely protects the screen from any scratches. For $19.99 Screen Guardz HD is worth picking up. It's not perfect, but definitely improves the viewability of the iPad under any lighting conditions.

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