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Review: Skee-Ball HD- Up And In

Review: Skee-Ball HD- Up And In

October 4, 2010


You can now roll the Skee-Ball lanes on your iPad with Skee-Ball HD from Freeverse. Simply flick the ball up the ramp into one of the ten cups to score points. For every game you earn tickets which can be redeemed for all kinds of stuff from the practical to the wacky.


The game features the same type of scoring system as the iPhone version meaning there are multipliers galore by hitting certain highlighted cups or reaching certain score plateaus. Plus+ is included for online high scores and achievements. The game comes with useable prizes like alternate lanes and balls as well regular carnival fare. There are four in-app purchase expansion packs each costing $0.99 giving you new lanes, balls, and prizes.

The Good

Skee-Ball HD has an amazing physics engine with the balls rolling and bouncing as close to the real thing as possible. The flicking mechanic is effortless to control, and it’s so well done that you can appropriately change the power and aim of your shot, and the ball will go where you expect it to. The iPad version is even easier to control with the amount of room to flick on, and the physics engine is even finer. The game looks great running on the 9.7” device, and the size really immerses you in the boardwalk game environment. You can find yourself playing this game way more than you ever thought you could. Then there are all the prizes to earn including alternate lanes and balls to really change up the game. The scoring system is outstanding with every game’s score impacting your multiplier for the next game. The score is always changing, and you can improve it by landing the ball in the highlighted cup. The higher you score, the more tickets you earn for more prizes while competing on the online high score tables, and going for tons of achievements.

The Bad

The alternate lanes are just different themes, and it would be nice to see a different ramp style game like what Ramp Champ includes. All the prizes are digital as you would expect, and only some are even useable which is somewhat disappointing. It would be nice if the Plus+ achievements correlated in to some tickets.

The Verdict

Skee-Ball HD is a great port from iPhone to iPad bringing a well made iPhone game, and making it better and perfectly suited for the iPad. It’s effortless to control on the bigger device, and really looks great. The game is tons of fun, and you can play over and over with some of the highest replayability of any game. For only $1.99 Skee-Ball HD is a should buy, and if you really like the idea of themed lanes the additional expansion packs are worth picking up.

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