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Review: Soccer Stealers - Play Keep Away

Review: Soccer Stealers - Play Keep Away

October 11, 2010


You know when a fan runs on the field, and interrupts the action, well now you can be that fan in Soccer Stealers. Your character runs on to the pitch, and steals the ball, and then you try to dribble around for as long as you can. More and more players come after you the longer you survive, and you can score goals as well. The app is universal for all iDevice owners.


You get three power ups that drop in randomly to help you last. They are speed boost, watermelon for chasers to slip on, and beer that has you spinning around in a drunken rage smacking away the chasers. There are five different fields to play on, and four charters to play all with three unlockables. Online high scores are included via Game Center.

The Good

The game is super simple with one touch controls as you drag your finger to move the player. You swerve in and out of players as long as you can with them always coming after you. The longer you survive the more there are, and they’re more aggressive as they try to slide and tackle you. The game is just survival going for the highest score, and to do so you try to maintain your combo. You score points by knocking chasers down either with the beer, watermelon, or dodging the charters, and having them run into each other. You also score by making it in the goal, though you don't shoot, you just try to dribble into the goal. It's nice to have Game Center for a score based game, though some achievements could help with replay factor. The game is simple fast paced fun as you're dribbling around for your life, or at least until the police take you in. Avoiding all the chasers is quite challenging, and the game has a bit of connection to Tilt To Live. You avoid for awhile, and then go on the offensive with power ups all on a soccer field with 3D perspective. The game is well designed with the cartoon graphics, and it's great to see the chasers knock into each other, or slip and fall.

The Bad

The game is relatively simplistic with the same game every time with no alternate modes. The different fields don't change the game, and it would be much more fun with more types of power ups. The game has a goofy theme, but there is no goofy soundtrack to go with it, and you’re just left with stadium sounds.

The Verdict

Soccer Stealers isn't the most deluxe game in the App Store, but it's a fun little game for your free time. It's simple to pick up and play, and despite the simple mechanic there is a lot to enjoy maneuvering through chasers, and using the various power ups. The game does become repetitive relatively quickly, and it could use some more variation in a number of ways. Soccer Stealers 2010/2011 is worth considering for $1.99 depending on how much you like the dodge and chase mechanic intertwined with a soccer theme.

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