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Review: Star Battalion - Space, The Final Frontier

Review: Star Battalion - Space, The Final Frontier

October 18, 2010


Take your aerial combat skills into space with Star Battalion from Gameloft. You are the lead pilot of a three ship battalion going through the galaxy fighting for the resistance against the Royalists. Your missions traverse from space to various planet surfaces in a game made for iOS 4.1 and fourth generation iPhone and iPod Touches.


The main feature is the online co-op play allowing you to play locally over WiFi or Bluetooth or online using Gameloft Live or Game Center. This is the first Gameloft game to incorporate Game Center so extensively using it for online play as well as leader boards and achievements. There are 14 missions across seven chapters that you can play solo or co-op.

The Good

Star Battalion is relatively unique for the App Store as a deluxe 3D space shooter, and because of that it's one of the few recent games to really stand out. The game is effortless to control on a fourth generation device as it incorporates the gyroscope for very precise tilt based flying controls. For evasive maneuvers you swipe horizontally or vertically, you adjust thrusters on a scale on the right, and there are two weapon buttons. This is one of the most immersive and deluxe experiences yet, as you fly around with very specific objectives within a deluxe storyline. You face all kinds of different enemies each requiring different tactics, and there is never a dull moment. The game is set up so well for anyone to enjoy because of the solid level design and effortless controls. The solo player is a great campaign that you'll definitely want to finish, and there are leader boards and achievements to boot. Then there is the co-op mode to allow you to play the whole campaign with up to two other friends, or two other players online. There is instant replayability to go through the campaign with others as it offers a completely different experience. It's so easy to connect with others with so many different options to do so. The game is exceptionally well designed with absolutely beautiful graphics on the retina display. The galaxy, ships, and weapon animations are exquisite, and it's one of the best looking games to date.

The Bad

The game is relatively short for the $6.99 price tag, but the amount of replay can make up for it. Like many Gameloft games the voice acting isn't the best, and the story itself is typical, but well done. The co-op play is perfect for the 3D space shooter, but some versus action would be a nice change of pace rather than just playing the campaign with others online.

The Verdict

Starship Battalion is an excellent game that is one of Gameloft's best efforts to date. The game is designed so well whether it's the controls, visual style, or mission design. Everything is made to keep the action going, and making it accessible and enjoyable to a wide variety of players. Star Battalion is a should buy for $6.99 that is finally some different fare in the App Store.

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