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Review Zombie Neighborhood - There Goes The Neighborhood!

Review Zombie Neighborhood - There Goes The Neighborhood!

October 24, 2010


You can hear the chorus of lifeless moans outside. As your former friends smash on your doors you eye your collection of weapons, hand modified for just such an occasion. As you step to your window and survey the reeking tide you prepare yourself for a long night.

The Good

Zombie Neighborhood is a fun defensive shooter You are a lone fighter in a  house which you must defend form endless zombie hordes  out for your soft warm brains. To do this you have a collection of upgradable weapons, including a pistol, assault rifle, shotgun and chainsaw. At first the zombies stagger towards your home and smash on the doors outside. If not stopped they will break the doors and start appearing from doorways inside the house from all directions, making them much harder to keep track of. Zombie bats will also constantly annoy you and zombie dogs who are very fast will distract you from the oncoming rush. The game also ramps up very quickly and before you know it you'll have a horde of varied opponents approaching from all sides making for an intense experience As you shoot, blow up and otherwise eradicate your moldering opponents you earn money, which you can use to upgrade your weapons. You could upgrade the SMG to allow it to hold more shots, do more damage or even chamber it to use pistol ammo instead, which you always have an infinite supply of. The shotgun can be upgraded for full auto fire and the chainsaw can be upgraded to heal you, as you shred zombies into dog food. Weapons feel great with punchy powerful sounds and excellent graphics. The shotgun for example will blast zombies back  in a shower of blood, pushing them away from you. It also sounds great with a loud BOOM and great reloading sounds. The SMG rattles away as your bullets sing though your enemies and even the pistol bangs away powerfully. The weapons are just fun to use. Controlling the action is very simple too, as you use arrow buttons to move and once you reach the door you just tap that directional arrow again to go outside. Tapping anywhere on the screen shoots, aiming your gun up or down automatically to hit where you tap. Your enemies are nice and varied too. Aside from your average slow zombie you also encounter fast zombies and slow armored zombies that are much more dangerous, zombie dogs, bats that can fly right into the windows and thus don't need to knock the doors down, making them perfect for irritating you into shooting them when you should be shooting the zombies and other enemies. This collection of enemies makes the game interesting and varied, as you need to work out on the fly what the biggest threat is and how to deal with it. The game also looks great! It has a sharp cartoon look, the zombies have different looks so you aren't just shooting a mass of clones and there is plenty of blood and body parts flying around. Little touches like how your character pumps his shotgun and reloads shells visibly or how zombie bodies stay standing for a minute after you blow their heads off really gives the game a sense of polish and much time was obviously spent on these graphics. As mentioned previously the weaponry also sounds great, with plenty of power and its fun to listen to the zombies yell as you fill them full of lead.  A nice spooky track plays during the game too. This game should last you for quite a while too as its challenging and there are plenty of weapons and mods to try.

The Bad

There is nothing really bad about Zombie Neighborhood.  About the only thing it lacks is more weapons. A flamethrower would be great. There is also a minor problem with the controls. If you are shooting and moving, once you move past where your shooting finger is, you will turn around and stop shooting, as your finger is now on the other side of you. It would be better if once you started firing you were locked facing that way and shooting until you lifted your finger off the device.

The Verdict

Zombie Neighborhood is a great shooter with fun weapons and opponents and you'll have a good time with it. Highly recommended!

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