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Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 Arrives Through Cydia Store In December

Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 Arrives Through Cydia Store In December

October 13, 2010
If Apple could give each of its customers one holiday present this year, I would suggest it be Wi-Fi syncing. It would be nice to throw away the USB cords and sync the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad over the air. Until that present arrives via Steve Jobs, we can always jailbreak our Apple devices. It can provide us with Wi-Fi syncing today, and soon the service will get even better. According to Macstories, version 2.0 of Wi-Fi Sync will be arrive in December via the Cydia Store:
Today (Developer Greg) Hughes confirmed the announced feature set and gave us a release date: Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 is coming this December, and the iPod Touch 4th gen will also be supported. As you can see on the official website, over-the-air sync for iTunes is still there, which means no feature has been scraped during development.
This version will include support for 3G, EDGE and VPN sync, plus proper iPhone 4/iPod touch and iPad support. In other words, you'll be able to sync all Apple iDevices through Wi-Fi with your iTunes account. Once Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 is released, we will let you know how it works. Until Apple releases Wi-Fi syncing, this is the only solution available.

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