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Apple Is Such A Tease, And We Took The Bait

Apple Is Such A Tease, And We Took The Bait

November 16, 2010
The Wall Street Journal was right. Apple’s “big” announcement was that a band which broke up in 1970 was finally allowing its music to be sold in the iTunes store. Sure, that band is The Beatles, but many of us are feeling underwhelmed nonetheless. And, its our own fault. When Apple posted its cryptic "Tomorrow is just another day" announcement, we, like other sites, jumped on the rumor bandwagon. Was it the Verizon iPhone? Would cloud computing finally be coming to iTunes? Or would this be when Apple announced the long awaited iOS 4.2 that iPad owners had been clamoring for since June? Nope. None of the above.

We took the bait and kudos go to Apple for creating a worldwide frenzy. The Beatles arriving is big news. As iTunes has grown as a marketplace, it still did not include the Fab Four’s recordings. That big hole was surely felt by Steve Jobs and others at Apple. Well, they’ve arrived. Now, Apple needs to get on with more pressing matters like releasing iOS 4.2 before the first-generation iPad becomes outdated.

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