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Cyber Monday Deals In The App Store

Cyber Monday Deals In The App Store

November 29, 2010
Tired of getting great deals on iOS apps and games? Of course not! Thanks to the Internet holiday known as Cyber Monday, you have at least one more day to grab even more of those apps and games that you so feverishly desire at some of the lowest prices of the year. All of the new Cyber Monday deals can be found directly below, while the holdovers from Black Friday can be found near the bottom of this article.  There are still plenty of great deals left, so hurry before it's too late! Most sales expire today, while others are valid until December 1st. An “*” next to a title indicates that this is its lowest price ever.

New deals for Cyber Monday:

iPhone: iPad:

Great deals that are still valid:

iPhone: Universal: iPad:

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