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FMX Riders Coming This Wednesday 11/24

FMX Riders Coming This Wednesday 11/24

November 20, 2010
FMX Riders has a definitive release date which is this Wednesday November 24th. The arcade cartoon freestyle supercross game will be available just in time for Thanksgiving. FMX Riders is a 3D motorcycle racer that is extremely high on stunts and boost and preferably combined. The game is all about insane action with multiple consecutive trick combos going off ramps that are scattered throughout the courses. You can race, or you can play freestyle mode by yourself or with others with the online multiplayer. The game supports the retina display and Game Center with a deluxe World Circuit mode with 40 events across five different tracks. While riding along you can choose to go quick avoiding ramps, or try to go for air and tricks to add speed boost. Once in freestyle mode it's just you and the course, and while in the air you can tap one of two trick action buttons as well as swipe your character in any direction to add spins and various maneuvers. For your best runs you can watch a replay, and you can even save those replays, and again it's worth mentioning the online multiplayer. The game is one of the first really unique iOS titles in a long time that really looks great on the surface. The game is about getting big air, but be careful as you can get nose bleeds from way up there. We gave you a sneak peek awhile back, and will have the review for you on Wednesday as we put the game to the test. It will launch for $2.99 as an introductory price with plans for it to be $4.99 later on. In the meantime enjoy the trailer below:

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