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Jobs Email: iBooks Folders Coming Soon

Jobs Email: iBooks Folders Coming Soon

November 23, 2010
You’ve curled up with your updated iPad running iOS 4.2 and love the way you can group apps into folders. Now you wish you could do the same thing with your iBook titles. Guess what? Soon you will be able to. According to MacStories, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told a customer via email that folders are coming to iBooks.

According to the post:

Steve Jobs replied to a user asking for better PDF management through folders and said the feature is “coming”. Seriously, that’s the only word in the email. We can’t verify the headers of the email and has no track record of previous Steve Jobs email-related material, but we think this one’s legit.

This is great news for those that use iBooks to gather a lot of PDF documents, or keep a lot of eBooks on their device. Being able to group them will certainly add to the functionality.

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