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Kinect Creator: "Apple Is A Pain In The Ass"

Kinect Creator: "Apple Is A Pain In The Ass"

November 9, 2010
Microsoft’s Kinect controller will certainly be on many gamers’ shopping lists this holiday season. A recent story states that the technology was almost purchased by Apple. And, it would have been, if it weren't for Apple's often talked about obsession with secrecy and control. Launched this month, the controller gives Xbox 360 users the ability to play games without using a game controller. Users interact by using gestures and spoken commands. It is similar to the Wii Remote and PlayStation Move device. The Kinect technology was created by Israeli-based PrimeSense, which shopped it around to various companies including Apple. Apparently Apple’s obsession with secrecy is what ruined any hope that Kinect would call Cupertino, California home. According to Cult Of Mac:
Apple has a history of interface innovation, of course, and had recently introduced the iPhone with its paradigm-shifting multitouch UI. PrimeSense’s system went one step further: It was multitouch that you didn’t even have to touch. Apple seemed like a natural fit.
Yet the initial meetings hadn’t gone so well. Obsessed with secrecy, Apple had already asked (PrimeSense CEO Inon) Beracha to sign a stack of crippling legal agreements and NDAs.
He shook his head. Why didn’t he want to do a deal with Apple? No need. The technology was hot. He could sell it to anyone.
“Apple is a pain in the ass,” he said, smiling.
Apple's loss is therefore Microsoft's gain, when it comes to Kinect.

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