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Love Her Or Hate Her, The Martha Stewart Cookie App Is Amazing

Love Her Or Hate Her, The Martha Stewart Cookie App Is Amazing

November 1, 2010
Martha Stewart, like most celebrities, generates different opinions from the public. Some view the "domestic diva" as the perfect role model for anyone interested in home organization and design. Others see her as "that woman” who spent time in prison for perjury. Your initial opinion of the new Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app for the iPad will probably coordinate closely with your opinion of the woman herself. But, even if you dislike Martha Stewart the person, you will probably love the app with her name on it. After all, it was created by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. which brought us the very popular Miss Spider iPad apps.

While some might argue the app follows too closely with the 2008 book by the same name, they’d be mistaken. Callaway has done its part to merge Stewart’s known “perfectionism” with the technological capabilities of the iPad. Plus, the app is far cheaper than the price of the book. The end result is a perfect companion for anyone that wants to try out new cookie recipes during this holiday season, or at any other time throughout the year. Using a “cookie runway,” each tasty treat is presented with a mouth watering photo along with its title. However, a click on the cookie of your choice isn’t how you find the recipe. Personally, I found this confusing. Hopefully, an app update will allow this feature. Instead, you need to use the “search wheel.”

With this wheel, you decide on the type and flavor of the cookie you’re interested in finding. For example, I chose "Filled and Sandwiched" cookies with a fruit flavor. This narrowed my choices down to Macaroons and Banana Whoopie Pies. I chose the later. Each cookie is presented with an amazing photo, and a little bit of detail. From there, click on the “recipe” link. Here you’ll see the recipe’s ingredients, preparation steps and more. You can even set the built-in timer for each step of the process if necessary. If you don’t have the ingredients for the cookie you wish to make, these can be added to the built-in shopping list. Each item can easily be checked off at the store. Or, you can email the list to yourself or someone else.

The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app also includes instructional videos, baking tips, and packaging ideas. The first time you startup the app, you will be welcomed by Stewart herself in an introductory video.

This is an amazing app. It does for cookie recipes what the Photo Cookbook app does for other recipes. The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app is available in the App Store for $7.99.

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