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QuickAdvice: Don't Forget The Little Things With TellMeLater

QuickAdvice: Don't Forget The Little Things With TellMeLater

November 5, 2010
TellMeLater by Sixfoisneuf42 icon

TellMeLater ($0.99) by Sixfoisneuf42 is a simple and junk-free reminder utility for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

As we go through our daily lives, there are many tasks that we need to do. But not all of these require some kind of complicated GTD system - no, these are just small tasks that we need to do at some point throughout the day. What we need for these small tasks are reminders, and this shouldn't be cluttered or filled with 'features.'

Reminders call for something simple and intuitive, which will not distract us by cluttering up the interface. A simple interface that will allow the app to help us with one thing only - reminders. Plain and simple.

TellMeLater by Sixfoisneuf42 screenshot

TellMeLater is that app you're looking for.

Upon first launch, you get an empty orange/dark gray screen with three tabs at the top: All, Pending, and Past. To the right of these three sections is the Compose New button.

When you compose a new reminder, the first thing to fill out is the task itself. Then you can choose to insert an email address and/or Twitter handle to send the reminder to you, or use iOS local notifications. If you want want to use these settings all the time, there is a 'Save as defaults' option to select and these fields will automatically be filled out for you from now on.

To make these reminders actually work, you'll also need to set the time to be reminded at. Once you're done, just tap that big green check mark - ta da! You'll be reminded by whichever method you chose at the desired time.

TellMeLater by Sixfoisneuf42 screenshot

When you're done entering in a new reminder, the app will return you to the main screen. The "All" tab will show you every single reminder that you have created, old and new. The "Pending" tab is for those that are awaiting their time to notify you. Once a reminder has done its task of reminding you, it will be found in the "Past" tab.

This is a very simple, no-frills reminders utility that does one thing and does it extremely well. The graphics are all optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina Display as well, so it looks great.

If you are looking for a reminders utility, then this is definitely the one to get. It probably won't serve you that well if you are looking for a GTD app though!

At $1, it's definitely a steal.

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