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Review: Death Worm - There's A New Killer Worm In Town

Review: Death Worm - There's A New Killer Worm In Town

November 6, 2010


It's time to destroy everything in your path from the ground up in the official port of Death Worm by JTR. PlayCreek, developers of Stoneloops of Jurassica, have developed the iOS version of Death Worm. The game is a little late to the party with another take off Super Mega Worm already released and experiencing success.


There are 40 levels split up into groups of 15 in three different locations with the Desert, Big City, and Jungle. There is also a mini-game where you try to go horizontally for as long as you can. There is a different worm for each location dealing with 30 enemy types, and Game Center is included for online high scores and achievements.

The Good

Death Worm is absolutely loaded with action with all kinds of enemies on the ground and in the air above you. Through the 40 included levels there are different objectives for each one providing some variety in the gameplay. Some levels have you reaching a certain number of total kills, while others have a time limit on the kills, and others have specific things you have to kill. The game never has a dull moment so you won't want to put it down once you start playing it. The game is full of combos, but also chains so that when you destroy a mechanical object that explodes that explosion can trigger other objects which really offers mass destruction. There are two special power-ups of nitro boost and fireballs which are activated by collecting three orbs of the respective power-up. You control the worm with a virtual control stick to move 360 degrees, and it's effortless. Not only that, but it really puts you in control of that worm to feel the flow of power and destruction. You can really collect combos, and hit things in the air with the virtual control stick. The game has an absolutely exquisite visual design with such realistic looking environments and action. There are deluxe explosions when smashing mechanical objects, and squirts of blood when killing biological objects. It's great to see in motion with the worm going along so smoothly with dirt falling off when leaving the ground, and then there is all the enemy fire, and flashes of various combos. It's outstanding seeing a huge chain explode right before your eyes especially on a retina device. There is an action packed soundtrack that fits the gameplay perfectly that you can really jam to. Then there are all the explosion sound effects, and screams of the various victims. Playing through all 40 levels takes a couple of hours. The inclusion of a mini-game and Game Center add some incentive to keep playing the game, but just the campaign makes it well worth your money.

The Bad

The game really doesn't have much to dislike. It's wonderfully polished with great execution so all of the action flows effortlessly. You could say the game ends quickly, but I think that feeling is just because it’s so enjoyable that you just want more. It would be nice to see more levels, or another mini-game, or more achievements, but the included content far exceeds the value of $0.99.

The Verdict

Death Worm is an exceptional game that is extremely well designed in every regard with virtually no problems. The game is overloaded with action that looks great, and it's so effortless to control to keep the action going. There is great value for only $0.99 with all 40 levels, but as soon you finish you'll be left wanting more. Death Worm is an absolute must for only $0.99 that is just so enjoyable with everything made so well on top of an outstanding gameplay mechanic.

Comparison With Super Mega Worm

When you see Death Worm you'll most likely think of Super Mega Worm, and wonder how it compares. We really liked Super Mega Worm when we reviewed it, but Death Worm is superior which is really saying something. There is so much more action in Death Worm that arises from the chains and amount of enemies. The virtual control stick is effortless to control where the slider in Super Mega Worm takes awhile to get used to, and even then you never feel in complete control like you do in Death Worm. The pixel art in Super Mega Worm is nice, but the realistic look of Death Worm is just so well suited for this type of game to really witness the devastation at your control. Death Worm also offers a wider perspective to see more of what is going on above ground, and it's great changing locations with different objectives in each level. Both worm games are plenty of fun, but Death Worm is even better, and no doubt you'll enjoy either.

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