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Review: Fly Effect Real 3D - Put Those Red And Blue 3D Glasses To Good Use

Review: Fly Effect Real 3D - Put Those Red And Blue 3D Glasses To Good Use

November 23, 2010


Strap yourself in to a 3D flight through a steampunk universe in Fly Effect Real 3D. The app uses stereoscopic 3D, the red and blue glasses, and also allows you to play in 2D mode. You race to the finish line against the lock while maintaining fuel and energy.


There are 10 levels, and each one has four speeds from slow to extreme changing the amount of time, and the speed of your ship. You control the ship with accelerometer, and there are multiple pickups along the way with stars, fuel, and energy bonuses.

The Good

Whether you play in 2D or 3D the game is enjoyable providing an immersive flying experience. When you do have the red and blue glasses though it’s a rare game in the App Store as you maneuver through the steampunk environment that truly pops out. It’s as close to feeling like you’re sitting in the cockpit of the ship as is currently available. Every level is uniquely designed giving you very complex stretches to fly through. There are all kinds of beams and gears scattered throughout as well as tight squeezes requiring you to flip the plane vertically to fit through. You don’t only have to make it through the course, but also in time, with some fuel and energy left. There are hoops to fly through to add time, and there are multiple pickups for fuel and energy. Each hoop and pick up is very important for survival in the later levels when you’re going at very fast speeds with a short clock. Every time you run into something you deplete some of your energy, and it costs you valuable time. Also each crash is jarring when you’re immersed in the 3D world. The game has a great cartoonish art design that looks really nice whether in 3D or 2D. There is also a nice soundtrack to go with the game which is quite fun loving.

The Bad

The game goes by quickly with only 10 levels, but there is some incentive to replay them at the different speed intervals. Also there is OpenFeint for online high scores, but no achievements. It would be nice to have some racing aspects to the game or more levels. The tilt controls aren’t the finest you’ll come across, but they do get the job done. Sometimes you’ll run into beams and such, and it will look like you missed them. Other instances it looks like you picked up a power-up, but missed it, and both concerns are magnified at the higher speeds.

The Verdict

Fly Effect Real 3D really takes advantage of the old school red and blue 3D to give you a very immersive flying experience. The game is plenty of fun and challenge as you maneuver through complex courses whether in 3D or 2D. The game doesn’t have that much content, but it’s nicely designed, and is completely unique. Fly Effect Real 3D is worth picking up for $1.99 whether you have those paper 3D glasses or not. You can get a pair in some magazines, newspapers, or with a self addressed stamp envelope to some websites that can be found with a quick search.

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