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Review: Magic Fiddle - To Make The iPad More Magical?

Review: Magic Fiddle - To Make The iPad More Magical?

November 16, 2010


Smule continues their efforts to make the iPad into a musical instrument with Magic Fiddle which follows up their Magic Piano. Now you can play fiddle/violin using the iPad touch screen, and it really is just as simple as that. The game includes a twelve chapter storybook with a very deluxe and engaging tutorial to help you understand every aspect of fiddle playing.


There are 20 songs available including the Star Spangled Banner, Silent Night, and in The Hall of the Mountain King. You can also play free style in solo mode, or connect with others across the globe. The app also includes in-app purchases for more song packs as well as the third book in the storybook that includes advanced techniques.

The Good

Magic Fiddle is extremely easy to use which will have you playing full length well known songs in minutes. The app truly transforms your iPad into a fiddle for complete enjoyment. Also the app doesn't just give you the ability, but it explains completely how to take full advantage of the ability it offers. It truly is magical playing such great melodies by placing your fingers in the right place on your iPad. The interface is so well made for everyone to understand how to play the notes as they cascade toward the strings, and you hold that part of the string for the length of the note. The app is perfect for pick up and play, and it's amazing hearing the results. The sound engine is just perfect which is wonderful to listen to, and sounds so authentic. Once you complete the storybook you'll be primed to move on to the songbook to play classical works well known pieces with the violin, and even the Super Mario theme. The included songs can let you play the life story with Brahms Lullaby for baby, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Auld Lang Syne for each new year, Pomp and Circumstance for graduation, then Wedding March, Brahms Lullaby again, and finally Amazing Grace. Smule has built on the app from Magic Piano to add gameplay features with a Guitar Hero like system for fiddle. Every song you play is scored based on the number of correct notes, and then you're given a gold through bronze trophy. There are also achievements to earn, and you can always play solo outside of the songbook.

The Bad

Of the 20 included songs there are some duplicates just as different versions with different accompanying instruments. Additional songs though are only available via IAP which is disappointing when compared to Magic Piano. There are four song packs for $1, and if you want some songs in the pack, but not others that's too bad because they only come as a whole pack. The worst part of the IAP is that the third book with the final four chapters is one of them. You are introduced to the main techniques to enjoy all the included songs, but you actually need to pay for the advanced techniques which seems ridiculous.

The Verdict

Magic Fiddle perfectly embodies the magic aspect of its title, and makes the iPad even more like a magical device. You have a deluxe instrument at your fingertips that is accessible to anyone who picks it up. You can make beautiful melodies right on your iPad, and there are gameplay elements added to each included song. Magic Fiddle is a must buy for $2.99 that will make you appreciate your iPad that much more. The app is magical, but the payment structure is definitely not.

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