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Review: NBA Game Time 2010-2011 - Live Streaming Basketball

Review: NBA Game Time 2010-2011 - Live Streaming Basketball

November 4, 2010


NBA Game Time 2010-2011 is your pass to every NBA game this season. The app is free to download to give you access to scores and stats. If you want video or audio of the games you’ll need to get one of the in-app purchases.


There is a $9.99 Game Time Plus in-app purchase for audio broadcasts of every game with home and away audio plus you get video highlights, team videos, push notifications, and more. For $44.95 the League Pass allows you to watch up to 40 games a week streaming live, and either in-app purchase removes advertising. Live scores and stats, audio, and video is possible over 3G or WiFi.

The Good

The interface is well made to scroll sideways through all the games. It's easy to access audio, video, scores, stats, and highlights. The details page for each game is loaded with content for every facet of information for the particular live game you’re on to get a full breakdown without audio or video. The audio broadcasts are a good deal to be able to listen to the game with the home or away team broadcast. Then you have access to team produced video, and all the video highlights as well. The audio can play in the background to access other apps, and you can listen to every game of the season for $9.99. The live video in the $45 IAP loads quickly, and runs smoothly to really let you follow the game. You have access to every game except of any team in your local market. The video streams well over WiFi and 3G to get your NBA fix on the go.

The Bad

The in-app purchases are a huge problem with this app because they're separate. If you buy the $45 IAP you would think you would get the video as advertised, but also the audio and team produced videos. Sadly that's not the case as you have to spend another $10 for audio and team produced video bringing the total to $55. Splitting up the content to make more money isn't the biggest problem though. That distinction belongs to the blackout restrictions which are part of the NBA TV contracts, and not the app, but the app still has to deal with them. Most people root for their local team, but that's the only team you can't watch. You can watch every game in the league except for the one with your local team whether they're playing at home or on the road. For example if you live in Los Angeles you most likely are a fan of the Lakers or the Clippers, but you can't watch either. When you're spending $45 you expect to be able to watch every game of your favorite team. When picking up this app you think it would be a great way to watch your favorite team on the go on your iPhone when you can't be in front of the the TV. Well that's not possible with this app, so you can only follow the live scores and stats which you can do from any free sports app. The audio broadcasts are the way to go in this app as you can listen to every game for $9.99 which is cheaper than MLB At Bat app which is $14.99, and they’re the same just one basketball and one baseball. There are some connection issues from time to time where the live games won't load.

The Verdict

NBA GameTime isn't an app for everyone, and has a very restricted scope. If you intend to watch your local team on the go, it's not possible with this app which is especially disappointing after dropping $45. If you do get the more expensive IAP it's only video, and the audio and a few other features aren't included which really feels like your being nickel and dimed. If you're a NBA fan without a local team, or not a fan of your local team than this app provides great live streaming video of up to 40 games a week. If you do want to watch your local team this isn't the app to do it with. The audio broadcast package for $9.99 seems like the best deal with no blackout restrictions to at least listen to every game of your local team, and get all the video highlights and post game interviews. Just downloading the free app gives you a great score and stat tracker just for the NBA if that's all you're looking for. Just be careful with this app, and now what you want from it, and if it's possible.

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