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Review: Power Support Anti-Glare Film - Screen Protector For iPad

Review: Power Support Anti-Glare Film - Screen Protector For iPad

November 17, 2010


The iPad is one big screen which leaves a lot of room to either be scratched or reflect sunlight. Apple designed the iPad with a glossy screen so it picks up sunlight and fingerprints relatively easily which can be problematic. Power Support has a made an anti-glare screen protector for the iPad that looks to eliminate these problem areas.


The most important factor is that it's a matte screen protector trying to reduce the glare from sun, and the mirror effect of the glossy screen. The package retails for $24.99, and comes with one screen protector. Without Power Support Screen Protector

The Good

The Power Support screen protector boasts a lot of different abilities, and when put to the test, lives up to them. The first aspect was the application which was as smooth as could be with the static cling of the screen protector. You simply line it up with the home button, and start laying down the screen, and it sticks automatically. With Power Support Screen Protector Any air bubbles are easy to work out, and you can pick it up and even reapply it with no harm done to the adhesiveness of the screen protector. When using the iPad without a screen protector when you're in the sun or even in a lighted room the screen reflects the light, and it also reflects your surroundings like a mirror. The Power Support Anti-Glare film lives up to its name sake by reducing that glare considerably. Now there is a still a slight reflection of surroundings, but not of light, and you can really only tell when the iPad is off. Once the display is on you can see it so much better than without the screen protector. Now you can watch a movie, read a book, play a game, or type in Pages sitting out in the sun or in a well lighted room with no problems what so ever. The matte screen is really essential because of the range of locations you can take your iPad. Another problem with the iPad without a screen protector is that it's a fingerprint magnet. The Power Support film doesn't get rid of all fingerprints, but it does reduce them. It also reduces the glare of the fingerprints on screen so you really don't notice them unless you're looking for them. One big question is does the screen protector interfere with the slimy smooth touch interface of the iPad. Well Power Support's definitely doesn't as it feels exactly the same with or without in terms of responsiveness. When playing action packed games that require fast touch based input the iPad recognized all my moves. Also you don't feel it is ever as oily with all the fingerprints, and skin oil that collects on the iPad without a screen protector. There is some extra responsiveness when typing as your fingers tap exactly where you want with no slippage.

The Bad

There is really nothing not to like about the Power Support Anti-Glare film. It's not perfect as there is still a slight bit of reflection and fingerprints. The matte finish does make the screen have minute pixilated effect as the screen shines through the screen protector. The visuals still look great though, and that only happens with a white background like in Pages.

The Verdict

Power Support Anti-Glare Film does an excellent job at making the iPad even better. The screen protector offers the basic prevention from scratches, but also reduces the glare, reflection, and fingerprints that the iPad soaks up natively. You can do any task with your iPad in direct sunlight or bright light without even thinking twice about it once you have the Power Support film. If you’re looking for a screen protector for your iPad look no further than the Power Support Anti-Glare Film. It's extremely easy to apply, offers the best glare and fingerprint reduction, and still maintains great touch interaction.

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