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SocialPhone - Your New Social Address Book

SocialPhone - Your New Social Address Book

November 4, 2010
A new app, SocialPhone, is designed to be your ultimate address book. It does this by combining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and personal contacts into one single app. The new app is a full featured address book, but it also allows you to call, tweet, post to walls, email, text, FaceTime and more from within the app. The app supports both phone number and email based FaceTime calls. You have the option to view all of your social feeds at once or separately. If someone gives you their business card you can simply take a picture of it and the app will add it to your list of contacts. Instead of tapping to open up contacts you just simply swipe. SocialPhone can also import data to your iPhone’s contacts. The "RememberMe? Quiz" lets you kill time by being quizzed on the info in your address book. The quiz may come in handy if you find yourself really bored, or want to learn as much about your friends as possible. If you spend a lot of time on social networks this will be an app to check out. It is available in the AppStore now for a special reduced price of $1.99.

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