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Sony Reader App Expected To Join Crowded E-Book App Market

November 23, 2010
If the early bird gets the worm, what does a late bird get? The Sony Reader app is expected to debut in the App Store in December. Using the app, existing Sony Reader customers will be able to enjoy their ebook purchases on their iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. New users will be able to connect to Sony’s ReaderStore and download ebooks too using the free app. Sony is extremely late to the iPhone and iPad ebook party. Customers can already download books through Apple’s iBooks and Amazon’s Kindle apps. Barnes and Noble also has a mobile device presence through its nook app.

Still, another ebook reader could be good for customers. It might bring prices down. If nothing else, it will give us another place to shop and compare prices and inventory.

The Sony Reader app is expected to become available in December.

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