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Tapivate Looks To Gather Our Friends In One Place

Tapivate Looks To Gather Our Friends In One Place

November 10, 2010
Our friends are everywhere, both online, and in real life. There's: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. And, they can be around the corner, in another state or a different country. Now, the folks at Taptivate hope to help users gather all of them in one place. At least on our iPhone/iPod touch. They are about to release their "Friends" app. If it is as cool as it looks, it will make our lives a lot easier. Think of the app as a way to organize each of your contacts in an address book no matter the information. Take a look at this preview video:

While no release date or price has been announced, the Friends app looks like it will be a winner. Taptivate is an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad development studio based in Sheffield, England. Among its current apps are Postman, Voices and Spring.

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