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Video: Apple Demos Airplay & Find My iPhone

Video: Apple Demos Airplay & Find My iPhone

November 22, 2010
Today, Apple released some new and interesting features to the public. One of the most exciting ones is, without a doubt, AirPlay. It's a new technology that allows you to share content between an iDevice and an Apple TV or Airport Express. We're still working on testing it out completely, to see what it will allow you to share, especially when it comes to third-party applications, so stick around for more details. In the meantime, Apple has already released an official promotional video of the basic aspects of the feature. Check it out:

Another interesting aspect of iOS 4.2.1, is that it's bringing the "Find my iPhone" feature free of charge to all last-generation iDevice owners. We've already shown you how to set it up, but if a video can do the job better, here is a little demo and a guide to help you:

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