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Video: iPhone 3G Performance On iOS 4.2

Video: iPhone 3G Performance On iOS 4.2

November 7, 2010
The woes surrounding the serious performance hit the iPhone 3G took, with the arrival of iOS 4, have somewhat faded away now, especially since the release of iOS 4.1. With Apple due to release iOS 4.2 any day now, those of you still using a 3G model are probably wondering if this version will work with your device. This weekend, took the time to video an iPhone 3G running the latest iOS 4.2 GM version, and it seems to be running pretty well. They didn't notice any major lag, and the keyboard was responsive. Of course, the real problems normally show up after some usage time; once you bloat the system with all your email, calendar entries, and your 2,000 contacts. Nevertheless, it's clear that Apple has made an effort to eliminate issues. You should be fine updating when iOS 4.2 hits the web. See for yourself:

Are any of you still using the good ol' 3G?

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