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Apple Approves An App It Shouldn't Have

Apple Approves An App It Shouldn't Have

December 28, 2010
Sometimes Apple approves an app by mistake. App reviewers at Apple go through hundreds of apps each day to decide which ones are approved and which ones are not. Sometimes, they get it wrong. A case in point is the Quick Snap – Camera Plus app, which was recently approved by Apple but really shouldn’t have been. Created by GoodCode, the app allows a user to take photos using the iPhone’s volume button. App developers are not allowed to change hardware features. This violates Apple’s iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Therefore, I’d expect the Quick Snap – Camera Plus app to be pulled from the App Store sooner or later. You might recall the makers of Camera+ offered a similar hardware feature using their app earlier this year. At the time, Apple pulled the app. It returned months later but only after the volume control feature was removed. While Camera+ offered photo taking capabilities using the volume control button using an Easter Egg, the folks behind Quick Snap – Camera Plus are much more bold. They advertise the volume control feature in both the app’s description and screenshots.

If you are interested in purchasing Quick Snap – Camera Plus, I'd do it soon. There is no telling when Apple will pull it from the App Store. It goes for $1.99.

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