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Aqueduct 101 Teaches You The Basics Of Restoring The Flow Of Water For Free

Aqueduct 101 Teaches You The Basics Of Restoring The Flow Of Water For Free

December 2, 2010
Have you been yearning to learn the basics of restoring the flow of water in the puzzling world that is Aqueduct but just haven't found enough coins in between your sofa cushions to purchase the full version of the game quite yet?  If so, the Kieffer Bros. have a great deal for you.  Today the team has released a pseudo-lite version of Aqueduct titled Aqueduct 101 that's intended to introduce you to all of the fun contraptions and concepts found in the full version of the game without any of the commitment. Aqueduct 101 features 48 puzzling levels that require you to restore the flow of water by moving pipes into their proper places.  The puzzles include the usual gates, conveyor belts, and floating bridges found in the original version of the game; however, none of these 48 puzzles are actually included in that version, so even Aqueduct veterans can join in on the fun.  The game also features a separate set of Game Center achievements to earn, and is completely ad-free. It's great to see the Kieffer Bros. offering so much for free with no strings attached.  They are truly betting on you enjoying the first 48 levels so much that you will have no problem spending the $2.99 to obtain the separate, full version, which features over 190 insanely challenging puzzles. Being a frequent Aqueduct player myself, I would say this is definitely a winning bet for them. Aqueduct 101 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is now available in the App Store for free.  If you are a fan of puzzles games in general, you absolutely have to give this one a try.

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