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Celebrate The Holidays By Blasting Red Dots With A Turret In The New Tilt To Live Update

Celebrate The Holidays By Blasting Red Dots With A Turret In The New Tilt To Live Update

December 23, 2010
What better way to celebrate the holiday season than blasting red dots from a turret? Tilt To Live has been updated again, and this time with a brand new mode called Viva la Turret with a new weapon the Perforator. In Viva la Turret your only weapon is the Perforator, and you get two at a time. When you jump into one the guns, it fires automatically, and you just tilt to direct the fire. Red dots that do get past your turret fire can still kill you so be careful. Every red dot you kill drops diamonds, and once the turret power-up wears off you can pick them up which act as the multiplier for your next round in the turret. Each time a turret runs its course your multiplier resets, but you can continue in one turret with your multiplier by collecting another turret power-up. How do you do this, well you just fire at the turret power-up, and it’s like magnetic attraction as it’s pulled towards you. The goal is to get as high of a power-up as you can, and maintain the turret power-up for as long as you can. Each time the turret ends you have a chance to pick up diamonds again, and build up your multiplier all over again. The mode offers a great risk and reward balance with many different variables effecting the circumstances and your decisions. Collecting a new turret takes your fire off some red dots so they may sneak in, but collecting a new turret sends out a little shockwave to send red dots back out a little. When you’re outside the turret you can collect diamonds, but you have no attack power, but when you’re in the turret you can’t move, so you need to spin your firing range constantly. There are different red dot formations as usual, and it’s a completely different experience than any of the other four modes. It costs $0.99 as an in-app purchase, and it’s well worth that price, and may be the most addictive game mode yet, which is definitely saying something. Your cumulative score in Viva la Turret is used to unlock the Perforator to be used in the normal and code red modes. It’s another one of the randomly popping up power-ups, and in the other modes you’re invincible when in the turret, but it comes rarely so you can’t keep it going for as long. Tilt To Live keeps the updates coming, and keeps making the game an even better experience that is unmatched in the App Store, and on any other platform. *Note this update is only for the iPhone version, not the HD iPad version, yet.

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