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GorePad Game Is All About Blood, Guts, And Carnage

GorePad Game Is All About Blood, Guts, And Carnage

December 10, 2010
Blood, guts, and carnage come standard on GorePad, a new game for the iPad. Imagine if Jigsaw, the blood-thirsty villain from the Saw movies, took over your iPad, and you’ll understand the fundamentals of this game. Be warned: the game is for mature audiences only. Created by Blue Lotus, GorePad is about one replusive slaughter after another. You propel your players into stabbing syringes, piercing scissors, slicing circular saws and other blood-shedding, butchering devices.

The more carnage you cause, the closer you'll be to “winning” the game. The game includes:
  • Twenty different levels of play
  • Unlockable level codes
  • Realistic physics engine
  • No annoying ads
I'm surprised Apple approved this app, but I'm glad they did. The App Store should be a marketplace for those of many tastes. While GorePad isn't for everyone, its developers have created a remarkable game that pushes the limits. The in-game soundtrack is pretty creepy too. GorePad is priced at $2.99 and available in the App Store.

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