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"Logo Antennas," Payment Stickers Coming In 2011

"Logo Antennas," Payment Stickers Coming In 2011

December 27, 2010
Technology is always changing. One concept that could soon become a reality is the use of mobile devices to make in-store purchases using a logo or seal. These would be neatly placed on your iPhone or other mobile device. Patently Apple has announced that Apple is working on a new type of logo antenna for portable devices:
This new antenna is to hide behind the famous Apple logo thereby allowing it to gain a stronger signal without intervening metal or other conductive housing walls interfering. It's interesting to note that this is Apple's third telephonic Macbook related patent in the second half of 2010 and would all but confirm this is a definite trend Apple is focused on. And lastly, it should be noted that Apple foresees the logo antenna working itself down into miniatures and wearables such as wrist watches and pendants. It appears that Apple may have another winning invention on their hands.
Apple hasn't actually announced which uses its "logo technology" would ultimately support. However, mobile payments are certainly one use that could become mainstream pretty quickly. Japan-based Softbank has already announced plans to offer an “electronic money seal for iPhone 4.” Being made available in February, the seal will serve as a way for device owners to make purchases at select stores using mobile payment stickers. The stickers don't interact with the device itself, so they aren't the same as Apple's "logo technology." Still, they are similar. Whether it be Apple's latest patent or Softbank's new "money seal," changes are coming to our mobile devices. Both are likely to make consumer purchases easier and more mobile than ever before.

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