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The Mighty Eagle Arrives To Help The Angry Birds

The Mighty Eagle Arrives To Help The Angry Birds

December 27, 2010
Get your fingers ready; Angry Birds has been updated for the iPhone/iPod touch. The top selling game now includes new levels to keep the birds flying into 2011. The 1.5 update includes 15 new levels, and a new theme called Frontier Badlands. Additionally, there is a new Golden Egg level: “y’all city slickers.” The new Mighty Eagle is a bird that helps you if you are stuck on a level. The Mighty Eagle can also be used if you are out of levels to play. I’ve been playing around with the Mighty Eagle on both my iPhone and iPad. I found it to be a wonderful addition to the game. It is definitely worth the in-app purchase price of $.99. Here is the video:

Angry Birds also includes Game Center support. Created by Rovio, the game is the top selling iOS game of all time. Priced at $0.99, the game is available in App Store.

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