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QuickAdvice: Find Out Everything About Your Camera Roll With Lab

QuickAdvice: Find Out Everything About Your Camera Roll With Lab

December 15, 2010
Lab by LateNiteSoft icon

Lab ($0.99) by LateNiteSoft is an app that shows you meta data from photos you take on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iPhone is quickly becoming the camera of choice for many people, and it's no surprise as it has evolved from a puny 1.3 megapixels into 5 megapixels and replacing most point-and-shoot cameras for casual photographers.

But have you ever wanted to know the data behind your photos? Now you can thanks to LateNiteSoft.

Lab by LateNiteSoft screenshot

When you launch the app for the first time, the app will load up all the photos currently in your Camera Roll. But it's not the same old boring looking Camera Roll that you see in the default - it's a completely custom and beautiful UI that your photos are presented in.

Photos will appear as prints hanging by pins on a clothesline, which I found to be a nice and unique touch. It's hard to redesign the camera roll, but LateNiteSoft did it in an amazing way.

Once you find a photo, you just tap it and it will show you the photo. The data about the photo can be revealed by tapping that Information icon (the 'i' that we've come to know and love).

Lab by LateNiteSoft screenshot

From here, you'll find the following information: date taken, taken with (more than likely your iPhone), and specs, which include photo dimensions, how many megapixels, and the size of the photo in megabytes.

Additionally, the app will also show you any GPS data with a map and the location, including coordinates, below it. There's also a histogram that shows brightness levels and what aperture, ISO, and shutter speed was used. Though since it's an iPhone, there probably won't be too much differentiation in most of the numbers, but the histogram should be different in many photos.

I'm not sure why though, but I encountered a bit of crashing while testing the app. And this is on an iPhone 4 running 4.2.1. Perhaps it has to do with larger camera rolls? My library is currently over 1,400 photos, which I don't think is a lot, personally. However, I did notice that the scrolling can be a bit choppy right before crashing. I hope that the developers can look into this problem and fix it in an upcoming update.

The app doesn't do anything else besides show you this meta data of your photographs. It may not be of much use to most people, but those that are more into photography and like to know this information may want to check the app out. Or if you just want to look back on memories and see when you took the photo and where, it can be good for that too. The interface makes it nice to use regardless. For a dollar, there's not much to lose by trying the app.

LateNiteSoft has made something totally unique - nothing else does this in the App Store - and for that, they get kudos.

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