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QuickAdvice: Get Hilarious Videos With Voice Changer Camera

QuickAdvice: Get Hilarious Videos With Voice Changer Camera

December 31, 2010
Voice Changer Camera by Hurryforward Ltd icon

Voice Changer Camera ($0.99) by Hurryforward Ltd is an app that allows you to modify voices in your videos.

We know there are quite a few apps out there that let you record your voice in different voice types, but how about taking it a step further and modifying your voice in videos? Voice Changer Camera does that.

This app allows you to either take new video or modify an existing video you have on your device's Camera Roll. A bonus - you can record video with this app using the front facing camera on the iPhone 4.

Voice Changer Camera by Hurryforward Ltd screenshot

Once you get the video together, it will appear in the main screen of the app that lists the videos you have selected. Tapping on a video will bring up a screen with a selection of eight voice modifications: Normal, Helium, Dark Side, Speed Up, Slow Down, Mouse, Drugged, and Reverse. Each one is unique (except the Normal one, of course) and have their own sound, though some may be somewhat similar.

When you pick a voice, the video will process with the modified voice. Some voices may take a bit longer than others (such as Slow Down) and some may be quick. The selection you make isn't final - it will give you a preview of the video with that voice and then go back to the Videos screen. Tapping it again will bring up the voices selection, where you can preview another.

Voice Changer Camera by Hurryforward Ltd screenshot

Once you finally decided on a voice effect to apply to the video, the Details button will take you to another screen with options to save. In this screen, you can edit the name of your video, see when it was recorded, and have the option to trim the video length (works just like the default iOS video editing method). The Share button will let you export the video using email or saving it to the Photos Album.

I found the app easy to use and fun to see the various voice effects in use on video instead of just voice recordings. However, the choice of voice modifications seems a bit lacking right now, so I hope that the developers add more in future updates. The interface is optimized for the iPhone 4 and nice to look at while you mod your videos.

If you've ever wondered how someone would look sounding like a mouse while trying to be serious or anything like that, then check this app out. There are many potential laughs that can ensue from the dollar spent on this app.

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