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QuickAdvice: Morph Your Voice With Voicemod

QuickAdvice: Morph Your Voice With Voicemod

December 10, 2010
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voicemod ($1.99) by 2taptap is a fun, real-time voice modulator on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ever have those moments where you want to morph your voice into something totally unrecognizable? Voicemod is the perfect answer.

The app starts off with a nice little splash screen, then brings you to a fairly empty screen with a little orb with the voicemod logo on it. Tap that orb and the fun begins.

When tapped, that little orb will go to the middle of the screen and expand into four different sections (clockwise): Record, Settings, Voice Mod, and Playlist.

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Voicemod has several options to choose from for morphing your voice, including: Cosmos, Dark Father, Megaphone, Robot, DJ Trip, Exorcist, Story,Walkie-Talkie, and Idiotizer. Select one of these and you're ready to record. Some of them will include some fun and various effects, like Story, which has several different voice types as a subcategory.

When ready to record, just tap that red button. For some styles like the DJ Trip, you can just tap around on the screen to create the "freestyle" sound effect and make a trippy recording. From my testing, the DJ Trip didn't record my voice but just the freestyle effects when I was touching the screen. The Megaphone option lets you add Multitude, Ovation, and Protest sound effects to the recording.

Once you got a recording, it will be saved in the Playlist. From that screen, you can listen to your wacky recordings and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or through iTunes file sharing. By default, all file names will have generic information as the name, but this is editable by tapping that pencil icon on any recording. You can see how long a clip is as well as what effect you used, though you can't see what other special sounds you added to the mix.

voicemod by 2taptap screenshot

The Settings in the app doesn't have much, just options to toggle auto-lock and interface sounds, as well as store your login information for Facebook and Twitter.

Voicemod has a very nice and fluid interface, though I noticed that not all of the graphics are optimized for the Retina display. Hopefully the developer can fix that in a future update.

Another thing I noticed is that the output volume seems to be a bit on the low side. I did some recordings with my phone held in front of my face but when I play it back on full volume, I can barely hear it. I don't have volume issues with any other app. It would also be nice to see some options for different bitrates for the save files. In case we want to keep these awesome voice modulator recordings, it would be nice to have.

This is worth checking out, but for the moment I can't fully recommend it because of the low output level. Hope that this can be fixed in future updates. If it wasn't for this issue I would definitely recommend this app. Keep it on your watch list though! It's definitely got potential.

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