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Review: Gravity Guy - Gravity Defying Cop Chase

Review: Gravity Guy - Gravity Defying Cop Chase

December 9, 2010


Get ready to run at break neck speeds as you try to run away from your pursuer. If it wasn’t enough to simply run, you have to maneuver complex courses by switching gravity to run on the ground or the rough, or any patch of land to run on. The gravity police are on your heels, so you need to help Gravity Guy escape to safety.


The heart of the game is story mode which contains 30 levels in an endless set up. All you do is tap anywhere on screen to switch gravity, and Game center is included for online high scores and achievements. Local multiplayer is included allowing you to play with up to three others on one iOS device.

The Good

The game is fast paced to say the least, and you will need fast reaction times to make it through the game. Rather than jumping over gaps you’re flipping gravity to always have solid ground run on, and avoid the obstacles that stop your momentum. Just making it through the mazes is tough enough, and then there is someone chasing you at all times, so you need to go fast as well. The game uses the casual endless formula, and adds actual levels to the game which makes it much more enjoyable. You begin the game running along, and when you reach a green marker that’s the end of the previous level, and the start of the next one. After reaching the next level, when you lose you restart instantly at the last checkpoint rather than restarting the whole game. It’s so much better restarting in the thick of things rather than back at the simpler beginnings. Also the game gives you an actual finish line, and you’ll want to keep going until you reach that point. Also as soon as you make a mistake the game restarts in an instant at the last checkpoint so you keep playing as it gives you no time to even think of quitting. The game has a great art design with a nice futuristic theme with the option to download retina display graphics. There’s an upbeat techno mix as well to accompany the fast paced gameplay. The multiplayer is fun as you race against someone right across from you.

The Bad

The multiplayer though is disappointing as it lacks any kind of online play whether it’s local over WiFi or Bluetooth, or online. Also it’s tough to get more than you and one other person on the size of the iPhone/iPod Touch, since this game isn’t on iPad. The game overall is simplistic in that there isn’t much requirement on your part besides tapping the screen. Though the game is level based it’s still relatively basic like other causal endless games. Gravity Guy is also quite difficult especially once you reach double digit levels where it has the feeling of impossibility. Since you can restart levels as soon as you die, completing certain levels comes down to memorization of what to do after consecutively losing.

The Verdict

Gravity Guy is well designed to keep you playing it over and over, and to make it to the concrete conclusion. The game is challenging with high speeds requiring very fast reaction, but not necessarily engaging the player with such a simplistic mechanic. The multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired, and there is just an odd dichotomy of just boring tapping, and such fast paced action on screen. Gravity Guy is worth considering for $0.99, and isn’t for everyone as it’s relatively simplistic, and not the most engaging casual endless game. Also you can try the free flash version over at

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