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Review: Hook Worlds - Hook It Up!

Review: Hook Worlds - Hook It Up!

December 17, 2010


Rocketcat Games, creators of the popular endless hook series, bring us the final chapter. Hook World presents new challenges to hook through, with characters from the previous Rocketcat titles. Let's see if it's a worthwhile follow-up to the previous titles.


Hook Worlds features three stages, each consisting of its own unique character. There is a free fourth level in 8-bit Commodore 64 fashion, which is available free for a limited time. After this period, the content may be obtainable through the use of in-app purchase. photo 5There are a handful of equipment upgrades you can unlock by earning medals for your performance. Early adopters are in for a free equipment upgrade as well. You have limited, yet efficient set of abilities such as hooking, jumping, flying, and gunning depending on the character. This is an OpenFeint enabled title, so you're achievements will be posted for players across the globe to see. The Good: The gameplay is really exciting and fast paced. Similar to previous endless runner titles, the running is automated. You must survive using agility as well as ability. The levels are randomized, so it's a fresh experience each time you play. The graphics are colorful and fun, resembling platformers from the 16-Bit era. photo 4You must avoid pools, lava pits, monstrous bosses, and more in each level. The first level was fairly easy and served as a good warm up run for new players. The game gets much more challenging as you progress to the later mini-games, with more frequent obstacles popping up. Hook World is most enjoyable when competing against friends for high scores. The longer you run, the higher your score. Your time and distance are displayed at the top of the screen, but try to keep your eyes on the level, as reaction time is key. The Bad: photo 3The pick up and play action, as well as unique levels promise to increase replay value; but there is really no progression besides high scores and equipment unlocks. This is not neccesarly a bad thing, it's just a word of caution to players expecting a full fledged platformer. The action flows in one direction, so level exploration and puzzles are out the door. Another gripe I had with this title is the lack of backgrounding. Okay I'm nick-picking, but I expect all apps released for iOS 4 to pause in the background if I exit the app for any reason. I'm pretty confident that this feature will land in a future update.


If you're looking for a new endless runner to get your adrenaline pumping, Hook World is a true contender. It's a smooth pick up and play experience, and the price is definitely right. If you've been considering Hook World, act fast as the free level and equipment upgrade (Rocketeer Helmet) are available for a limited time. For a casual and exciting gameplay experience, Hook Worlds is a Should Buy!

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