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Review: A Moon For The Sky - Drawing You Own Bouncy Platforms

Review: A Moon For The Sky - Drawing You Own Bouncy Platforms

December 11, 2010


Can you help a moon ascend to the heavens with just your finger? Well that's the goal in A Moon For The Sky which is casual endless similar to Doodle Jump, but you draw the platforms. You simply swipe the screen to create a bouncy platform, and guide the moon as high as you can with multiple blockades along the way.


There is an endless mode as well as an adventure mode with the later containing 18 levels with specific finish lines to reach. There are tons of stars to collect during your flight, and there are bulky coins to earn based on distance that can also be bought as in-app purchases. The bulky coins allow you to buy new characters to bounce as, and new lives to continue after falling in endless mode.

The Good

The drawing your own platforms mechanic is a neat idea, and a nice change of pace for the genre. The game is definitely on the challenging side with many blocks in the middle of the play area that you have to bounce around. The endless mode isn't anything out of the ordinary, but it still provides just what you would expect from playing previous games. The adventure mode is a good inclusion to give you actual finish lines for levels, and multiple levels to make it through beyond the endless mode. Every level is time based to give you certain medals based on your performance to help with replay factor. Also every game you play earns bulky coins which are needed to unlock later levels, and Game Center is included. The game has a great art design with shiny graphics made for the retina display. There is plenty of detail in every element of the game to really make it feel like a starry sky. There is also a very mellow soundtrack that is nice to listen to especially to contrast the rather hectic gameplay.

The Bad

The controls aren't as smooth as you would expect, and it's not just drawing a platform to bounce on. When you draw a line, not once does it appear the way your finger swiped the screen as it's always off at a certain angle or not the same length. Also the platform always slides to the direction you swipe so it doesn't start where you begin your swipe, and instead moves a little bit over. Both instances result in missing the moon, and having it fall to its demise just because the controls aren't made very well. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the size of the platform that is drawn as you swipe quickly, and seemingly the same, but it comes out in different sizes. It's also touch to draw platforms at an angle when you're intentionally trying to do so to avoid obstacles or collect special stars, but it seems to always happen when you're not trying. The gameplay itself is rather boring as you just swipe to draw the platform over and over. Every level is loaded with stars, but they seem to have no impact on the game, and no point to collect. Your score is only based on height, and you don't get a boost from collecting a certain number of stars. They may or may not be related to bulky coins, but if so it's not a one to one ratio, and the retail is unknown. The bulky coins are rather annoying as you need them to unlock new levels, and not just beating the previous levels. Those who use in-app purchases for bulky coins will have an advantage on the high score tables as you can buy continues.

The Verdict

A Moon For The Sky is a game you want to like on the surface with a unique drawing platform mechanic combined with nice artwork, and actual levels. More and more problems come up as you play making it harder and harder to like. The controls are the worst offender, but the inclusion of stars and bulky coins is also problematic. A Moon For The Sky is one you can skip for any price as it's not worth your time.

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